SmartMove is one of four tenant screening packages we offer here at RentPrep.

Below is a clickable “accordion” list of frequently asked questions we get on our SmartMove product:

At the bottom of this page you can see a sample SmartMove report when ordered through RentPrep.

Our Basic, Pro, and Platinum reports are all hand-compiled by our FCRA Certified Screeners. They require zero tenant involvement.

SmartMove is an automated service that requires tenant involvement. SmartMove largely differs from our core screening services in that it allows you to have the applicant pay directly for the screening report. It also gives you a specific credit score where our credit check is based on a pass/fail metric.

SmartMove will give you the applicant’s full credit score. It will look like this in your report:
SmartMove Credit ScoreWith our Basic, Pro, and Platinum reports you can add a credit check to your screening report for $9.95. You select one of the star ratings in the chart below:
Credit Check RentPrep
If your applicant passes you will be told they met your criteria.
If they fail you will be given a list of reasons why they failed the credit check. The credit check does not show you their specific credit score.
First you’ll need to sign up for a RentPrep account.

Once your signed up you can follow these steps in the video below to order a SmartMove report.

Once you place a SmartMove order request you’ll be prompted to enter your applicant’s email address. The tenant applicant will then be taken through a three step process.

  1. They’ll enter their personal information
  2. They’ll answer IDMA Verification questions
  3. They’ll submit payment for the report

The IDMA questions are known as “out of wallet” questions. You have probably been asked these in the past where you’ll see questions like, “Please select the street address below that you have had as a residence in the past.”

Here’s a snapshot of the three step verification your applicant will see:
SmartMove tenant involvement

We’re a boutique screening agency with a focus on customer service. If you have questions on your report we’re here to help you. You can call, Live Chat, or email us and we will work with you on your report. The pricing is the same on compared to Transunion direct pricing but you’ll have direct access to our team of FCRA Certified Screeners.
No, it is against Transunion policy to offer any discounts on the SmartMove product.
SmartMove is a soft pull on your applicant’s credit.
Here’s a sample SmartMove report available through RentPrep:

SmartMove Sample Report

This is a great example of a very clean report from our SmartMove product. If you do have any questions you can always click our Live Chat button to have a screener go over a report with you.

SmartMove Sample Report