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Our Pro, Basic, and Platinum packages are hand-compiled by FCRA Certified Screeners in our office in NY and require zero tenant involvement. We also offer SmartMove for the landlord looking for a full credit report and the ability to have the tenant pay directly for the screening report.

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SmartMove Reports Do Include The Credit Score

Our SmartMove reports are the only reports that include the actual credit score. You’ll receive a full credit report, along with a visual indicator of their credit score, as shown below.

Credit Score

The Credit Check Add-on Does Not Include The Actual Credit Score

Additionally, we offer a “Credit Check” add-on to our Basic, Pro and Platinum reports.

The credit check add-on does not provide the actual credit score.

Instead, you would select a star rating between 0-5 stars, as show below.

sample credit check

Each star rating has a FICO Score range and has an allowable number of reportable Bankruptcies and Judgments.

In this sample a 4 star rating was selected.

This means to pass (or be “Approved” for) a 4 Star Rating, the applicant needs to pass each of the following:

  • Applicant needs at least a 650 FICO Score
  • Applicant can’t have more than 1 reportable Bankruptcy
  • Applicant can’t have any reportable Judgments

You will be notified if your tenant passes or fails your criteria.

If they fail you will receive credit codes that explain why they failed.

If they pass, you’ll be notified that they passed your criteria but no further data will be supplied.

You will not see their actual credit score. If you need to see the credit score you’ll want to order the SmartMove report.

Yes, we do offer volume pricing in some instances:

If you have 50 or more units in your portfolio we can work on a custom quote for your needs.

Please click this link to fill out the form for a custom quote.

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$9.95 add-on



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$9.95 add-on



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$9.95 add-on



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*On a computer you can hover over the elements above (on the left hand side) to see an explanation. You can also read our Frequently Asked Questions by clicking here.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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At RentPrep we strive to make our ordering processes as easy as possible. If you want to order a report all you need to do is sign up for your free account, choose the package you want, and pay. It’s that simple! Check your email for a notification stating your report is complete.
SmartMove is a product offered by Transunion that differs greatly from our Pro, Basic, and Platinum packages which are hand-compiled reports from our FCRA Certified Screeners.

We added this product to our packages because different landlords have different needs. It’s the same product (at the same price) you can get from Transunion but you also get a team of FCRA Certified Screeners to help you with any questions you may have.

SmartMove would make sense if you’re a landlord that wants:
– A full credit report instead of a credit check
– To have the tenant pay directly for the background report (you’ll need their email)
– The SmartMove product but with FCRA Certified Screener support

SmartMove doesn’t make as much sense if you’re a landlord that wants:
– No tenant involvement
– Judgements and liens history
– Phone call verifications that we currently only offer in our Platinum package
– Full criminal data and you live in any of these states… WY, DE, SD, MA, or CO as they require manual data extraction for criminal reports which are only available in our Pro & Platinum packages
– The most accurate criminal and eviction data available

Here at RentPrep we’re one of the few tenant screening services that will make your verification calls for you. Our team of FCRA Certified Screeners perform these verification calls Monday to Friday. We will make up to three phone calls each to a current landlord, previous landlord, and current employer. Below is a video of our CEO showing how to make a proper verification call.

Read our post on “How To Call Tenant References” for even more tips on making verification calls to a current landlord and current employer.

One of the main things that separates RentPrep from the rest of the competition is our “No Fee Guarantee”. There is no sign up fees, no monthly minimums, no annual fees, and no contracts to be signed. If you order one report, that is all you will ever have to pay with us.
Our Basic and Pro reports are returned typically within 1-hour after you order. If you order a Platinum report it we ask for 24 hours to make the phone call verifications. The SmartMove report is available within minutes of payment being processed.
We accept Mastercard, Visa, American Express, and Discover when you order through our secured online portal. We use SSL certificates provided by Verisign (same security your banks use) in order to protect and secure your information.
Ever call a company you found on the internet only to find out that their customer support team is from India, or they don’t answer at all? We are proud to offer customer support Mon-Thu 9a-7p EST and Friday 9a-5p either by phone, live chat, or through email.
Yes, we do offer discounts to all of our clients. When you sign up, you will be added to our monthly newsletter in which we send out promotional codes frequently. If you are a larger corporate client, we offer volume discounts to anybody who meets the set criteria.