3 Halloween Safety Tips for Landlords

Since today is Halloween I figured it was appropriate to list a few Halloween tips that landlords and property managers should follow to ensure the safety of their tenants:

Set a specific time for trick-or-treating

If you own, manage, or even live in a multi-housing apartment complex, setting a time for trick-or-treating will boost the safety and enjoyment of this spooky holiday. It will also encourage the residents to walk door-to-door in larger numbers which is always a safer bet. You can also decrease the likelihood of your residents roaming around in the late hours.

As for the residents who decide to be Halloween’s Scrooge, this will be helpful because it will give them the peace of mind knowing the set times for the beginning and the end of this yearly ritual. Heck, it may even entice them to participate in handing out some candy!

Ensure the safety of your pedestrian walkways

Make sure that your walkways are clear of any items or debris that may be hazardous. Some of these may include large and obnoxious decorations hindering people’s paths, fallen branches from nearby trees, and overgrown weeds that an individual can get tangled up in and potentially cause a fall.

Also, your properties should be well-lit with adequate lighting that will unveil any dark porches, steps, or even driveways. The last thing ANY landlord wants to hear is that there has been a fall on their property and somebody has been hurt. What a potential insurance nightmare!

Lastly, don’t disregard the simple things like sweeping leaves off of your sidewalks or driveways. You never know what may be underneath.

Use battery operated candles

If you really want to make sure your rental property is safe while the kids are trick-or-treating, strongly encourage your tenants to use battery operated candles inside of their Jack-O-Lanterns instead of real candles. A lot of costumes these days are loose fitting, have longer pieces (such as capes), and are highly flammable. Don’t forget, houses can start of fire too!

I’ve had the unfortunate experience of witnessing a young child’s Batman cape catch fire because one of the other kids knocked the pumpkin off of a bench directly into his cape. It was put out immediately, but the kid was terrified!

I hope these tips made you rethink a few things before the trick-or-treating festivities begin in your area. Make sure your rental property is up to par with all of these safety tips so you can enjoy your holiday and avoid any potential headaches.

Don’t forget to share this article, and let me know in the comments below what some of your Halloween safety tips are. Is there any rules you have in place at your multi-housing complex?

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