Tenant Screening Report Samples

At RentPrep we offer our core tenant screening report which is a hand-compiled background check for landlords.

These are the Basic, Pro, and Platinum screening reports.

We also offer the SmartMove tenant screening report so we can offer the full credit score. These are automated reports that involve the tenant.

Our Plans & Pricing page breakdown of all of our packages an the purpose of this page will be to show a sample report and how our services differ.

On this page, we will discuss the differences in our reports by showing a sample Platinum tenant screening report.

A table of contents for tenant screening reports:

What is a Tenant Screening Report?

A tenant screening report is a look into the history and habits of a tenant applicant. It can provide details about payment history, eviction history, criminal history, and any red flags a landlord would want to know. The purpose of the report is to give you confidence in your final decision on the applicant you select.

How Tenant Screening Reports Differ

At RentPrep we currently have four different tenant screening reports and we have a credit check add-on as well.

The more options there are the more confusing it can be.

Let’s break it all down with a pizza analogy.

Think of our Platinum Screening Package as a supreme pizza.

Platinum tenant screening report

Our Pro Package is like a meat lovers pizza. It has all the components of Platinum minus the veggies.

Our Basic Package is your classic cheese and pepperoni pizza.

Our SmartMove package will play the role of the Hawaiian pizza and we will get to that later on.

We’ll focus on the Platinum tenant screening report because it has all aspects of the Basic and Pro included it.

Breakdown of the Platinum Tenant Screening Report

This is a hand-compiled tenant screening report.

That means an FCRA Certified Screener will collect, cross-reference, and verify the data in your final report.

This is an added security measure to combat the known issues of database errors that automated reports cannot detect.

Our Platinum reports are quite robust so we will break down a sample report section by section.

Note: This is a standard sample report in the industry where “Hank Mess” is used. We don’t love that the address is listed as “Loser St” but this is what’s provided to us when we order a sample report.

Platinum Tenant Screening Report Pg 1

Let’s quickly break down the first three items highlighted on page 1 of this Platinum Report.

  1. This section shows you the date the report is delivered and ordered along with the type of report ordered
  2. This is information pulled directly from the tenant’s application
  3. This “Person Search” shows a database match and most recent known addresses

You’ll notice the DOB (Date of Birth) along with the Social Security Numbers in the Person Search are truncated with X’s. This is due to a new compliance regulation that went into effect at the end of 2017.

Nationwide Criminal and Sex Offender Search

Platinum Tenant Screening Report Pg 2

A quick breakdown of the sections of this report:

  1. Shows this is a Criminal and Sex Offender search
  2. A criminal record is found and is showing the identifying information on this criminal record
  3. This section shows the details of the criminal record

Our Screeners verify that the information in section 2 above matches with your applicant. Sometimes false positives can be included on automated reports, our Screening team will cross-reference your report with other databases to ensure the accuracy of your report.

At a quick glance of section 3, you’ll see that this applicant was found guilty of possessing Cocaine and has a felony record from this.

Background checks can be confusing if you’ve never read one and that’s why our Screening team is available 7 days a week via Live Chat, Phone, and email support.

If you have a question specific to your report we can help quickly answer it for you.

National Rental Records Databases Search

Platinum Tenant Screening Report Pg 3

In this section, we’re looking to see if there are any reportable filings on your tenant applicant created by their former landlord.

  1. National Rental Records Database Search
  2. Sunshine Mobile Home Park Record
  3. Spring Hill Apartments Record
  4. Mortensen Investments LLC Record

Let’s take at each record to see what we can learn.

The Sunshine Mobile Home record is for an “Unlawful Detainer” which is commonly referred to as an eviction. These are reportable for up to seven years on a consumer report.

If you have questions like “What does Unlawful Detainer mean?” you can ask our Live Chat agents by clicking the chat box on this page, don’t feel bashful, they are here to help.

The Spring Hill Apartments record is for a Landlord/Tenant dispute over a “Civil New Filing” with a $50 amount. You can surmise this may have been for damages or unpaid fees.

The Mortensen Investments LLC record is for a Civil New Filing for $1,500. Amounts this high typically are related to unpaid rent or damages. If you have questions on the filing feel free to ask our screener who put your report together. It’s not uncommon to see “LLC” on a report as the rental property may have been placed in an LLC instead of a private landlord’s name.

Lien and Judgment Filings Search

Platinum Tenant Screening Report Pg 4

In this section, there were no reportable records found. A Judgment/Lien can let you know that a Judge ruled against your applicant. The record will be accompanied with a dollar amount that the applicant is required to pay back to the creditor.

This can be a sign that the applicant doesn’t pay their bills and that other people will be gouging their wages before they have a chance to pay their rent.

Bankruptcy Filings Search

Platinum Tenant Screening Report Pg 5

Again, in this example, there are no reportable records on file.

You’ll typically find one of two bankruptcies, either a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

With a Chapter 13, the debtor creates a repayment plan to pay off their debts.

With a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, the debtor did not make an attempt to create a repayment plan. These types of records are more concerning compared to a Chapter 13.

Residence Verification

Platinum Tenant Screening Report Pg 6

This is a sample of what a residence verification call looks like. This is only included with our Platinum reports.

One of our FCRA Certified Screeners will call your tenant applicants current and previous landlord to ask the questions listed above.

We also will call the current employer and those verifications will look something similar to this:

Platinum Tenant Screening Report Pg 7

These answers are a little tongue in cheek and for example purposes.

Some employers will release salary information and others won’t. Many won’t give any information without seeing a consent form and in these instances, we will fax or email them a copy of the tenant applicant’s consent form.

Credit Check vs. Full Credit Report

We offer a tenant credit check as an add-on to our Basic, Pro, and Platinum reports.

This is a $9.95 additional charge that is a pass/fail metric.

Tenant credit check sample

You will select a star rating from the option above.

If your applicant passes all three criteria (FICO Score, Bankruptcies, Judgments) you’ll be notified that they passed.

If they fail you will receive a list of codes for all the reasons they failed.

This system is designed to simplify the process by making you select a criteria upfront on what is passable.

If you’re looking for the full credit score, you’ll want to check our SmartMove page which includes a sample SmartMove report.