Tenant Screening API

RentPrep Tenant Screening Platform and API

Looking to integrate RentPrep’s tenant screening products into your own platform? We’ve got you covered! Our easy to use REST API makes it simple to place a screening order with RentPrep from your application.

We’ve done all the hard work for you and make the integration process as simple as possible.

We’ve partnered with many services and customized our tenant screening API to meet your needs.

Our API is a great way to add an additional revenue stream for services tied to landlords or property managers.

Our team of developers will help assist in the setup process and make sure your setup is as smooth as possible.

TransUnion SmartMove WP API

We’ve also partnered directly with TransUnion to create a SmartMove API that is easy to plug into WordPress or other sites.

The SmartMove API allows the landlord or property manager to see their applicant’s full credit report.

We have several partners who offer this API in conjunction with our RentPrep core product API.

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