A tenant background check is your opportunity to uncover red flags in your applicant’s history.

Our Basic, Pro, and Platinum reports are all hand-compiled tenant background checks by our team of FCRA Certified Screeners.

Why does it matter if an FCRA Certified Screener compiles my background check?

By nature… databases are filled with errors that automated reports cannot detect.

A 2015 FTC study found that 23% of all credit reports have errors. A hand-compiled tenant background check allows our screeners to identify and correct these common database errors.

Our Screeners are also trained and certified in the laws of the FCRA to ensure compliance to keep you out of harms way.

What Does A Tenant Background Check Include?

We’ve been in business over 10 years and when clients speak we listen.

We’ve adapted our tenant background checks to include all the vital data that landlords needs when judging a tenant applicant.

We have three different tenant background packages:

  • Basic (B)
  • Pro (Pr)
  • Platinum (Pl)

We also provide the SmartMove credit report for landlords interested in seeing a full credit score.

List of data included on a tenant background check:

In the list below we will share all data included in our background reports.

At the conclusion of each data point we will add a designation for each report that includes this data.

SSN Verification – We verify the social security number of your tenant applicant. — B/Pr/Pl

Address History – We provide recent known addresses so you can compare this data to what is provided on your rental application.– B/Pr/Pl

Judgments & Liens Search – A judgment is a decision of a court regarding the rights and liabilities of parties in a legal proceeding. A lien is a creditor’s legal claim against property owned by a debtor as security for a debt. — B/Pr/Pl

Bankruptcies Search – We will search nationwide databases to provide all reportable bankruptcies on your applicant. The FCRA mandates that these are only reportable for up to 10 years. — B/Pr/Pl

National Eviction Search – We search several databases to provide you with eviction history on your applicant. We also include data on evictions that were served but never fully processed. This is common in cases when a tenant pays rent after being served a notice to quit. — B/Pr/Pl

National U.S. Criminal Search – We access all 50 states with our Pro and Platinum reports. Our SmartMove package includes 45 states (DE, CO, MA, WY, SD are not included with SmartMove credit reports) — Pr/Pl

U.S. Sex Offender Search – We search the national sex offender registry database providing you with information about the offender status of your applicant. — Pr/Pl

Global Homeland Search – Individuals or organizations included on the Global Homeland search may be involved in terrorist activities, money laundering, illegal imports, fraud against government agencies, violations of federal banking regulations, or drug trafficking. Sometimes it is referred to as a “Global Homeland Security Background Check” or a “Terrorist Watch List Search.” — Pr/Pl

Verification Calls – Our Platinum reports include everything on the Pro reports plus the verification calls. We call the current and previous landlord along with the current employer of your applicant. We ask a series of verification questions and compile our notes inside of your report. These calls can gather data not accessible on national databases. — Platinum only

Credit Check – This is a $9.95 add-on to to any Basic, Pro or Platinum report. It is a pass/fail metric based on your criteria. Learn more about the tenant credit check.

Why Choose RentPrep For Your Tenant Background Check?

We Have The Best Support In The Industry

We are available by phone, email, LiveChat and even our private Facebook Group. Our office is staffed seven days a week and we pride ourselves on our customer support. Screening tenants is stressful enough, let us make it easier and less complicated for you.

Save Time and Money

Our entire process is web based which is a great time saver. If you have any questions throughout the ordering process you can immediately get answers from our support team. We don’t believe in complicated phone trees or long support tickets. Plus, if it’s your first time placing an order use the coupon code NEW10 for a 10% discount on your entire order.

We’ve Got Our Head in the Cloud

A paper copy report feels nice in your hands but this adds unnecessary liability with your tenant background checks. That’s why we store all of your reports safely in the cloud. This reduces the overall liability for our clients.

Security is Our Priority

Our site is secured using the same 128-bit SSL standards as your online banking. You’ll never have to email a report with sensitive information. Your tenant’s privacy is our priority.

Different Strokes For Different Folks

Each package was designed by the needs of landlords like you. We include eviction data with every report because it’s the most indicator of a questionable tenant. If you just need the basics that is what the Basic report is for. If you’d like to fly first class our Platinum reports include verification phone calls from our screeners to your applicant’s current landlord, previous landlord, and current employer.

We Actually Exist

If you call our office in West Seneca, NY one of our screeners answers.
If you LiveChat with us one of our screeners here answers.
Our support is never outsourced overseas and handled right here in Western New York.

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