RentPrep For Landlords Podcast

RentPrep For Landlords is a podcast that dives deep into the world of being a landlord. Hosts Steve White and Eric Worral discuss everything from gruesome tenant evictions to simple strategies to keep your sanity intact as a landlord. RentPrep is a tenant screening company near Buffalo, NY and after being in business for 10 years we've come across every scenario you could imagine. If you're a property manager, landlord, or just interested in real estate rental investing... this is the podcast for you.

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RentalRookie on episode 190 of RentPrep For Landlords

#190 Interview With RentalRookie

Recently we came across a blog post on talking about how to reinvest income in rental properties through a snowball philosophy. When we reached out to the author he said we...
RentPrep Podcast #188 securing loands with mike anderson (1)

#188 Tips On Investing And Securing Loans For Real Estate with Mike Anderson

Mike has bought more than 25,000 homes.  No, that is not a typo... He's managed over 20,000 rental properties at his property management company he owned in thw 1980's.  He's closed loans from $35,000 to $11,500,000 at his company Reliance Mortgage Company, Inc. If it has anything to do with real estate Mike has had his hands in it.
Tim Shiner on Real Estate

#184 Double Dipping with Tim Shiner

This week's guest is Tim Shiner of Dallas, TX and he's a savvy investor. He owns businesses, class A rental properties and also works in tandem with his wife to double dip on rental profits. Tim shares his strategy of how he only buys Class A rental properties and why he makes more money when his tenants break their lease early. Plus he has a crown royal tuxedo. What else do you need to know?