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Here at RentPrep we provided tenant screening services for tenant applicants that expand across all 50 United States and we have worked with over 21,000 landlords to date.

Every state has different laws and regulations on tenant screening so we constantly update our screeners and systems to the latest rules and regulations.

California tenant screening comes with a different set of rules and expectations compared to tenant screening in Texas.

In the posts below we are detailing each and every state with specific rules and regulations to follow. If you’re searching for the best tenant screening services 2017 then this is a great place to start looking for details specific to your state.

It is our goal to provide the most comprehensive screening reports to our customers. With that you may have questions on the report and our FCRA certified screeners will be standing by to answer them.

The same person that created your custom report is available to answer any questions by phone. It’s not revolutionary but it is rare to see these days.