There is a better way to do tenant screening

Landlords deserve it. We help you do it.

RentPrep offers something totally different than other tenant screening services: human beings. The typical instant background checks offered online can completely miss crucial information about potential tenants that could cost you in the long-run.

And that’s why we’re different.

Our non-robot, FCRA certified screening staff performs thorough background checks using multiple record sources to uncover the details landlords need in order to make informed decisions about who to rent to.

At RentPrep, we provide accuracy through real, live intelligence.

Here’s 3 reasons you should try our tenant screening services:

  • Easy

    Our easy ordering system allows you to request tenant screening reports and pay-as-you-go with zero hidden fees. A perfect tool whether you’re screening once a day or once a year.

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  • Compliant

    Every tenant background check is compiled and reviewed by an FCRA Certified Screener, keeping you in compliance at no additional charge. What other company does that for you?

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  • Assured

    Have peace of mind knowing your tenant isn’t one of our 35 million eviction records. With data like this available, why wouldn’t you check?

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Did we mention we have an entire city behind us?

“We believe that by working with RentPrep we are empowering the landlords and property owners in our community to better screen prospective tenant’s background and history. It gives the landlord more information and an opportunity to make good decisions that affect their properties.”

– Captain Steve O’Konek, Cedar Rapids Police Department

We also do other things besides tenant screening

  • Landlord Forms

    Are you a landlord, property manager, or real estate professional? We offer tons of landlord and real estate specific forms that you can use forever.
  • Valuable Content

    We write some pretty cool articles. And they’re not just cool, they’re informative and actionable, too.
  • Podcasts

    The RentPrep podcast, Landlord University, offers news, pro-tips, and much more to keep you informed and armed with the knowledge to be a kick-butt landlord.
  • Resource Center

    RentPrep gives you access to powerful tools, state-specific laws, and tons more in our resource center.
  • Friendly Support

    We’ve probably been asked every question imaginable about landlording. Think you can stump us? Call to speak to a friendly Screener and try. We’ll be nice to you either way.
  • We Love Our Community

    We love the real estate community we serve, but for 8 years we’ve also supported local charities and community programs of our employees’ choice.


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