There is a better way
to do tenant screening

Landlords deserve it. We help you do it.

Here’s 3 reasons you should try our tenant screening services:

We come highly recommended

I am a Realtor in Dallas and have been looking for an independent system to screen tenants for my clients. Of all the online services I have used in the past, RentPrep has by far been the fastest, most comprehensive, and most effective system for obtaining tenant information. – Joshua H.

We also do other things besides tenant screening

Provide a plethora of landlord forms

Don’t worry about having the right forms or documents during the tenant screening process as well as during your time as landlord, property manager, or real estate professional.

We offer tons of landlord and real estate specific forms that you can use forever.

Did we mention we have an entire city behind us?

“We believe that by working with RentPrep we are empowering the landlords and property owners in our community to better screen prospective tenant’s background and history. It gives the landlord more information and an opportunity to make good decisions that affect their properties.”
- Captain Steve O’Konek
Cedar Rapids Police Department

See it for yourself: